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What will change on the new energy label?

The most important change to the new energy label for freezers is:

  • The test standard has been expanded. The energy class on the new label is based on the type of appliance, how it operates, the room temperature and the number and size of the compartments.

The new label looks like this:

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Explanation per part:

  1. QR code

  2. Energy-efficiency class

  3. Energy consumption in kWh / year (measured under new standard conditions)

  4. Total content of all freezer compartments (in liters)

  5. Total content of all cooling compartments (in liters, if present)

  6. Sound level in dB and sound level class

What do I need to connect the freezer?

We connect freezers to a grounded electrical outlet near the appliance. Furthermore, from a safety point of view, we are not allowed to modify or make other connections such as a y-junction.