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How does a BlueMovement subscription work?

Discover everything about delivery, installations and what happens when you move or if the appliance breaks down.





Choose a product

We already picked very sustainable and high-quality Bosch appliances for you. Convenient, right? It saves you a lot of research and stress about making the right choice.


Product delivery

We deliver the appliances as soon as possible, but always when it suits you best. We want to make sure that you don’t have to wait at home all day. Because that’d be a waste of your time, right?


Product installation

Our professionals install the appliance directly when they deliver. They also collect your old appliance, nice and tidy!


Subscribed, what’s next?

Blonde jonge man en donkerharige jonge vrouw zittend op een Bosch wasmachine met protestborden waarop staat Flexibel en Zorgeloos

Let’s talk money

What costs are involved?

There are no high purchasing costs because you pay a fixed fee per month. You only have to pay a one-time deposit when the subscription starts. This will be returned to you when the subscription ends. So you know exactly what you’re paying for with no strings attached. What’s also nice to know, is that all our subscriptions are all including, with no extra charge for repairs or replacements. Again, no hidden surprises.

Do I lease the appliance?

Yes. Our subscriptions are an operational lease. This means that you get to use the appliance, but we remain the owner. So you’re not purchasing the appliance in instalments but leasing it, meaning that the appliance will not be yours after a certain period. This is very convenient because you don’t have to pay for the repairs or replacement, and it also won’t affect your credit score.

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Service & maintenance

Repairs & replacing

No worries when the appliance doesn’t work correctly; just reach out to us, and we will get someone to fix it for you. Unfixable? Then we will hook you up with a similar replacement appliance. There’s no extra charge for this service, so you’ll always have a high-quality working appliance at home. We will always take care of that for you.


We take care of repairs and replacement, but it’s up to you to keep the appliance clean and in proper condition. This way, it can last longer because that’s just the most sustainable thing to do. Besides, who wants to clean their clothes or dishes in a dirty machine, right? Any questions about maintenance? Sure, reach out to us; we’re here for you!

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Moving & transferring

When something changes in your household

You decide what happens when you move. You can keep the subscription, and we will move the product for free to your new home and get your paperwork sorted. Or you can transfer the subscription to the new occupant of your home. Free of charge. Easy does it.

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Extend or cancel?

It’s up to you

When the subscription’s contract term ends, you have two options. You can let us know that you want to cancel it, or you do nothing. When we don’t hear from you, we will automatically extend the subscription. You can cancel whenever that’s convenient for you, with a one-month cancellation term. So you can use the appliance for as long as it suits you. Want to know why we remain owner? We want to make sure that our appliances don’t end up on a dumping site. So we refurbish the appliance or recycle parts. This is the best thing to do for our planet because we reduce waste this way.

Our selection of Bosch products

Durable, high-quality and with a long service life