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Sustainable choice

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Our mission

Young family enjoying their home because they are renting household appliances from Bosch via BlueMovement

Carefree living

Home is the place where you feel most at ease. But also the place where a never-ending pile of laundry calls your name. We got you covered. You'll always have fresh clothes with our subscriptions to Bosch washers, dryers and more. No more worries about maintenance nor repairs - we take care of that too. All you have to do is fill up and switch on.
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100% guarantee

A product that always works. Our Bosch technicians are on your doorstep within one simple phone call. A problem that can't be fixed? No worries, you'll receive a replacement appliance with the same high-quality standard from us.
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Free moving service

If you are moving, we happily make sure that your product will arrive properly at your new home. That saves you some money to spend on a bunch of lovely flowers to brighten up your new place.
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Free delivery when you want

We won't make you wait all day at home for us, because that's just a waste of your time. We will call you within 1 working day to schedule a delivery appointment that suits you. Saves you another day off work!
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Professional installation

Our Bosch technician will connect your product immediately. For free, of course, so you can enjoy it straight away. Plus, it saves you having to deal with screwdrivers, hammers or a pair of pliers yourself.
Draag bij aan een duurzame, groene wereld, huur een Bosch apparaat bij BlueMovement

Sustainable living

We fight for a clean planet. We offer highly sustainable new and refurbished appliances that make smarter use of natural resources. Better yet, we also give products a second life. Our ultimate goal is to be completely circular. We offer you an accessible sustainable lifestyle that gives everyone positive vibes!
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The most sustainable products

With us, you always get to choose from the most sustainable products: refurbished or brand-new. All our appliances are innovative and new or as good as new. Refurbished products will run just as good as new ones, so you'll never notice the difference.
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Save a lot

Each and every one of our products are energy- and cost-efficient. This means that, depending on the chosen product, you always save energy, water or detergent. Good for the planet and your wallet.
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A second life

Our appliances will never end up on the rubbish belt. Has the appliance reached the end of its lifecycle? We make sure that we either refurbish the product or recycle the spare parts.
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Positive vibes

Saving money is always nice. But positive vibes, that's worth a lot more. With our subscription plans, you can be sure that you are doing something good for the people around you and the planet. For now and the future.
You rent Bosch household appliances from BlueMovement for a low fixed fee per month

Enjoy affordable

The idea is often that sustainable living costs more. Time, energy and money. We tackle time and energy under Carefree and Sustainable. But what makes us affordable? You pay a fixed low monthly amount. No major upfront investment. You will receive a high-quality Bosch product, service, maintenance and repair for this. 100% guarantee.
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A fixed fee

We prefer to be straight with our customers right off the bat. You pay a fixed low monthly fee with our subscription plans. To keep things well-organised. That way, you know where you stand. No surprises. Only the fun ones. Pinky promise.
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The full deal

We don't make you pay extra for delivery, installation, relocation, service, maintenance or repairs. This is all covered via our monthly subscription fee, no strings attached.
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Save money each month

OK, OK, this is a bit beyond our reach of control. But, with your subscription, you don't have to set money aside each month just in case your washer stops working. We make sure that you always have a product that works.
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Smart innovative products

At BlueMovement, you're not only making a conscious choice for a very sustainable home appliance, but you'll also know that it's an innovative Bosch product equipped with smart techniques like Home Connect and/or automatic detergent dosing.