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Refurbished Washer-dryer

€ 15,99 per month

Choose your washer-dryer subscription

Service & support
Free delivery
Professional installation

Choose your washer-dryer subscription

Refurbished Washer-dryer

€ 15,99 per month
€ 37,50 One-time deposit | 6+ y Duration
Service & support
Free delivery
Professional installation





Sound level

70 dB


10 kg / 6 kg
Saves 65% of the time with a perfect wash result.


Efficiently wash and dry small loads within 60 minutes.

Wash & Dry 60

For crease-free and fresh laundry.



Max. spin speed

1400 rpm

Washing and drying energy consumption

1364 kWh / year

Washing energy consumption

1.22 kWh / year

Washing and drying water consumption

25,000 l / year

Wash water consumption

13,800 l / year


LCD display
Maintains energy class.


Self-cleaning condenser
Does not consume water during drying.

Drying technology

Air condensation



Loading Advice


Volume of drum

70 l


Can be built under 85 cm niche height


84.8cm x 59.8cm x 62.0cm (hxwxd)

Child lock

Child lock on the door

Drum lighting

30 days free

Try for 30 days

Not what you expected? You can cancel the subscription with no extra charge and get your money back within the first 30 days. View the


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Questions? We have the answer

FAQ Category Icons | Washerdryer

What do I need to connect the washer dryer?

A water connection (water supply / water outlet) with hose and an grounded electrical outlet. Make sure the hose is long enough. If the hose is not long enough to connect the washer dryer to the water connection, you will need an extension set. Check it before installation. Do you need an extension set? We will arrange it for you. Please indicate it during the order in "step 1 Details", you can use the box "Note (s) for the delivery person".

Good to know:

We connect washer dryer combinations to a pull switch. We create an electrical outler. Quite technical, but it that's why it's important that a pull switch is present when we come to install. Furthermore, from a safety point of view, we are not allowed to modify or make other connections such as a y-junction.

FAQ Category Icons | Newspaper

How do you guarantee the quality of the refurbished appliances?

Our refurbished appliances have been thoroughly checked and cleaned by Bosch professionals. Broken parts have been replaced and the appliance is ready for a second life.

Good to know:

The refurbished appliance you get may look different from the appliance you see in the photos on our website. Even if the appearance may vary, the specifications and functions correspond to the product description.

In short; with a refurbished appliance you get high quality at an attractive price.

FAQ Category Icons | Pen

Is a deposit required?

Yes. The amount of the deposit differs per product type. For large products you pay €37.50 deposit, for small products like vacuums and kitchen machines you pay €20 deposit. Before we deliver the appliance, you have to pay the deposit. You are prompted to do so when taking out the subscription via iDeal or credit card.

You will of course receive the deposit back when the subscription ends and after the product is collected from you in good condition (clean and working).

Have you taken out a 3-month or 2-year subscription before 25-06-2020 and you cancel within 2 years? Then you pay a return fee of €75. We will deduct this from the deposit you have paid.

FAQ Category Icons | Rocket

I already have a subscription. Do I also get a 50% discount on a 2nd or 3rd subscription?

Yes, that's possible. Log in with your MyBlueMovement account, add a 2nd or 3rd subscription and the discount will be deducted automatically.

Good to know

This discount promotion only applies to:

  • The 2nd or 3rd subscription that you take out.
  • The first 3 months.
  • Subscriptions with a term of 1 or 6 years.
  • Subscriptions to refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, washer dryers and dishwashers.
FAQ Category Icons | Circled X

What is the cancellation period of a subscription?

After the term of your BlueMovement subscription expires, the cancellation period is 1 month. The contract ends when the product is collected from your home. Our logistics partner will schedule an appointment for this. This will take several days, please keep this in mind.

Has your contract period not expired yet? Then you might have to pay a Cancel- and/or Return refund.

FAQ Category Icons | Pen

Do I get a BKR registration if I take out a subscription?

No. Our subscription model is a form of operational lease and not a financial lease. This means that we remain the owner of the household appliance that is in your home. You are the user. With this subscription form, you will not receive a BKR registration.

FAQ Category Icons | Shield

How long does the warranty last?

As long as your subscription runs, you always have a working product. We take care of that. So there are no unexpected costs such as transportation costs, material costs or hourly wages.

FAQ Category Icons | Washerdryer

Will you take my old washer and dryer with you when you deliver my new washer dryer combination?

No, unfortunately that's not possible. Because we transport multiple products in one trip, it is not possible to take back 2 separate appliance. We can take either your old washer or your old dryer with us.

FAQ Category Icons | Newspaper

Is it true that there will be a new energy label? And what's changing?

That's right, from March 1st 2021, washing machines, washer-dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators (fridge-freezer combinations) and freezers have a new energy label.

Because new ways are being used to measure power consumption, this new label will help more in making a sustainable choice than the current label does.

The new energy label will already be placed on the products before this date.

Main general changes:

  • The + signs after the letters will no longer exist (eg A +, A ++ etc.).
  • The new classification will be A to G.
  • A QR code will be placed on the energy label. With this code you can read more information about the product.

View the most important changes per product:

FAQ Category Icons | Bulb

Is the product mine when the subscription ends?

No, the products is always ours. You use it for as long as your subscriptions runs, and once it ends we come and collect the appliance.

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