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Want to rent a fridge?

With us, you lease a fridge for an affordable fixed monthly fee


Want to rent an appliance, but we don't offer what you need?

Let us know, so we can the right appliance ready for rent very soon!

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Why lease a fridge?

  1. √ Always a working fridge
  2. √ Top-notch quality & energy-efficient
  3. √ No high purchasing fee
  4. √ Eco-friendly
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More about renting a fridge with us

Why take a subscription to cooling?

Always a working fridge

As long as your subscription runs, you won't feel any stress if your fridge breaks down. We are just a phone call away and make sure that your appliance gets fixed. Can't be fixed? No big deal! Then you'll get a replacement appliance with the same high quality. Furthermore, with a subscription you don't have to set money aside for a new fridge. So you can cool carefree.

Top-notch quality & energy-efficient cooling

All our fridges are Bosch. So you know for sure that you're getting quality and innovation. Even better, we've already selected the most energy-efficient fridges for you. Saves you time. You can cool comfortably and save on energy consumption.

Cooling without high purchasing costs

You're not buying anything, you're renting. So there are no high purchasing costs. This way you can save and cool sustainably. You pay a fixed monthly fee, with no strings attached. Nice, right? A fridge-subscription is available from €10.99 per month.

Eco-friendly cooling

With a subscription you're already doing something good for the planet. The rented fridge will not end up on the rubbish belt. What happens when the fridge has reached the end of its lifecycle, or you end your subscription? Well, then we come to collect it and give it a second life by refurbishing or recycling the product.

Flexible cooling

If your living situation changes, we can change with you. New home? We move your fridge for free to your new place. Want to change your subscription or transfer it to someone else? Sure, we got you covered. Free of charge.

In short:

Always chilled food without having to buy a fridge. We make it happen.

What are the benefits of refurbished?

Instead of our standard fridge, you can also order a refurbished model. This fridge may not by new, but it's no second-rate hand-me-down. Our refurbished model has been completely checked by Bosch professionals. And because there was no new production process needed for this model, you'll pay a lot less. Good for the planet and your wallet.

  • Most affordable and sustainable choice
  • High quality for less
  • Checked and cleaned
  • Delivered in original packaging
  • Functions perfectly

Is there a freezer in the fridge?

Absolutely! All our fridges are fridge-freezer combinations. You cool at the top, freeze at the bottom. Giving you a cool and clear overview!

What is the term of a subscription?

This depends on your subscription. You can choose a term of at least; 3 months, 1 or 6 years.

Good to know

It's an ongoing subscription. If the minimum contract term has passed, the cancellation period is 1 month.

Subscriptions are automatically renewed after the minimum contract term has expired up to a maximum of 6 years without notice from the customer.

Do you want to cancel your subscription before the minimum contract term is over? Sure! Discover the conditions.

What happens when my subscription ends?

It's up to you to decide whether to extend it. When the minimum term of your subscription is over, the cancellation period is 1 month. You cancel via MyBlueMovement. Please note that the subscription does not end until the appliance has been collected by our supplier.

Good to know:

  • Subscriptions are automatically renewed after the minimum contract term has expired up to a maximum of 6 years without notice from the customer.
  • Have you taken out a 3-month or 2-year subscription before 25-06-2020 and you cancel within 2 years? Then you pay a return fee of €75. We will deduct this from the deposit you already paid.

Do you want to cancel your subscription before the minimum contract term is over? Sure! Check the conditions.

Do you have a question or comment? Please contact us. We are here for you!

Will you collect my old appliance?

Sure thing! Make sure that the old appliance is clean, dry and disconnected. It's also important that the appliance is completely intact. We do not take any loose parts with us. When making the delivery appointment, please let us know beforehand that we can collect your old appliance.

Note: If you have chosen a subscription for washing including drying, we will only take your old washing machine or dryer with you. Not both appliances. Because we transport multiple products in 1 trip, it is not possible for us to transport 2 separate appliance.

This only applies to large products that we install for you. We send small products like vacuum cleaners via parcel post. We will not separately collect your old appliance. You can take your old appliance to the recycling centre.